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Check out the Shpoonkle contest by clicking the link below.  You must be a registered member as either a lawyer or a client.  Make a video depicting a commercial of the website. Let your creativity show by entering in the contest. And the best part is the winner gets a FREE IPAD!! http://www.shpoonkle.com/contestpage#99


The other day I was reading a blog titled “Focus your business in 140 characters.”  While reading this article it describes how sites and companies can be more successful if they are clear, concise, and straight to the point with their objective. The article went on to talk about how you can discourage visitors or potential customers to the site by putting too much information on your first page and it had me thinking about a plethora of websites I’ve been on that had too much info that I eventually went and googled the same topic hoping for a different website that had less words and explained things in a more simple way.  Many times less is more, especially on the internet where there are a million more websites out there like yours.  It’s important that websites are simple.  You want to be able to get the just of a website in one minute.


Today, has got to be one of the most stressful days of my life.  Today I learned that “sorry” is nothing more then a word and the chances of an action following it is pretty slim.  I also learned its very important to check on things, never expect for someone to just tell you something’s going to happen. By expecting people to give you everything you’re placing your future in their hands.  When I was a sophmore in college, seniors always would tell me that the closer you get to graduation the harder things will become. That’s when you realize how much you want this. And trust me, I do want this.  After having the stressful morning I had, I have to sit back and pray because I need the strength. 


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Earlier today, I read two different articles “Ebay for Lawyers” and “Feds Must Stop Writing Gibberish Under New Law.”  So I said to myself “How can I incorporate these two articles with Shpoonkle?”

Shpoonkle prides itself on being a site designed to help people find legal services they can afford.  However, it is also important for everyone to know is that one of the key things essential to Shpoonkle’s success is communication.   It is important that agencies are able to communicate with the public in a way that is clear, simple, meaningful, and jargon-free.  Bad writing discourages people from coming to the site, make rules and instructions hard to follow, and waste money.

“People just want to know what are you going to do for me or to me?”  Most of what people write is just too much stuff for the public to comprehend.  The significant part of Shpoonkle is that its a “service that provides people with more options” but these options are presented in a concise and clear way that makes it easier for the members to understand.

By giving the public options you’re also introducing that not one person’s issue is more important than another’s because of the amount of money they can afford to spend on a case. ”  “Even people without means need legal advice.”  “There’s nothing sacred about legal advice, and there’s nothing sacred about flipping through the yellow pages to find an attorney.”

We are living in an age in which everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, and maybe a few of us still has a Myspace. Instead of sending postcards to our family members from faraway places we simply post a “i miss you” on their Facebook wall. So its no surprise that connecting people didn’t just stop with socializing.  Now its a way to conduct business.  With Shpoonkle clients and lawyers are connecting through a social media outlet.  This is a faster way of going through a sometimes long process.

Social media helps many businesses because it’s free advertising.  To post statuses, links, pictures, and notes about your company you’re drawing people in.  By them reading or looking at what is being posted they may become interested in what’s being presented.  For Shpoonkle,  connecting through social media is proving to be a beneficial venture.

Each year thousands of students graduate from law school with the hopes of working for a major law firm making $200

dollars an hour.  However, the realistic view of this is that will not happen for everyone.  Many of these students will not be able to find a job.  Shpoonkle can be a lending hand to the newest crop of lawyers and even seasoned lawyers thats also looking for employment.  At Shpoonkle lawyers can sign up, make a profile, and advertise themselves for potential clients.

When lawyers make their profile on Shpoonkle they are able to select areas of expertise/practice,  review case details and bid on the cases their interested in.  Shpoonkle is not solely about helping out clients by providing them with affordable service but also to lawyers who are seeking employment in a competitive job market.

When people think of outsourcing they think of cars, telephone operators, 
and professions in the health field.  But according to recent studies, lawyers 
are the latest profession that’s being outsourced to companies overseas. 
Due to the economy looking bleaker than ever, the notion of spending 300 hundred 
dollars an hour on a lawyer versus 70 dollars seems unrealistic. That’s where 
Shpoonkle comes in.  Shpoonkle is a company made for people by people to ensure 
the best quality for your dollar.  Shpoonkle is a site where people can find lawyers,
obtain legal advice, and participate in forums with lawyers.  The concept of being 
able to find and hire a lawyer within your price range, privately, and with 
attorneys who really care is at the core of Shpoonkle.

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