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Earlier today, I read two different articles “Ebay for Lawyers” and “Feds Must Stop Writing Gibberish Under New Law.”  So I said to myself “How can I incorporate these two articles with Shpoonkle?”

Shpoonkle prides itself on being a site designed to help people find legal services they can afford.  However, it is also important for everyone to know is that one of the key things essential to Shpoonkle’s success is communication.   It is important that agencies are able to communicate with the public in a way that is clear, simple, meaningful, and jargon-free.  Bad writing discourages people from coming to the site, make rules and instructions hard to follow, and waste money.

“People just want to know what are you going to do for me or to me?”  Most of what people write is just too much stuff for the public to comprehend.  The significant part of Shpoonkle is that its a “service that provides people with more options” but these options are presented in a concise and clear way that makes it easier for the members to understand.

By giving the public options you’re also introducing that not one person’s issue is more important than another’s because of the amount of money they can afford to spend on a case. ”  “Even people without means need legal advice.”  “There’s nothing sacred about legal advice, and there’s nothing sacred about flipping through the yellow pages to find an attorney.”


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